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Tracy Reese Fall 2009

Photo By Stevyn Llewellyn
Photo By Stevyn Llewellyn

In a preview of the Fall 2009 season, Tracy Reese used a brilliant term to describe her post-Impressionist inspired collection. “Rustic chic” packs a wonderful imagery of romance and a modern take on the countryside. With reference to Vuillard and Van Gogh, we look forward to distinctive “paint stokes” of patterns, distorted silhouettes, and vivid colours.

Reese’s layered prints create a visual feast from head to toe. Pink floral secretary blouses were tucked into high-waisted tapered pinstripe pants. Unbuttoned herringbone blazers flapped with carefree ease over a cornucopia of dark blossoms. Oversized sweater tunics and jackets both cropped and long offer a touch of glamour. Rich tones include lime, “basil green” and raspberry.

Sweet ruffles and knee-length black stockings bring an artistic mood, something you expect from congregating painters and poets at the corner café. Velvet and fur trimmed outerwear make for a perfect day at the Musée du Louvre. Striking accessories include feathered amulets, detachable fur collars, swinging black pearls and leather elbow-length gloves. And you can’t go wrong with dark-rimmed eyewear either, which adorned every look from the elegant – a glossy teal cocktail dress and a black lace-embellished persimmon tank dress – to the academia – boxy blazers and high collar cardigan twinsets.

– Tiffany Chang

Tracy Reese Spring 2009

Tracy ReeseTracy Reese’s Spring 2009 collection is a romantic, safari adventure with Oriental undertones. This season, the designer sought to present the “brilliant progression” of nature in the springtime through “delicate, yet sophisticated pieces”.

A garden fantasy was created by splashes of lime, nectarine, and peacock blue while sparkling chandelier earrings and beaded tassel necklaces evoked a majestic celebration. The silhouettes were organic and refreshing – even pin-tucked and ruched pieces gave way to open sleeves and relaxed hems. A tropical breeze emerged in the form of mini lantern skirts, “Macau green” dresses, as well as high collar eyelet blouses, reminiscent of a traditional chipau.

Onyx and cream were softened in a concoction of satin cowls and chiffon floral appliqués. The solid one-shoulder gowns and cinched trenchcoats provided a lovely harmony to the watercolor blouson dresses and Van Gogh-inspired prints. Overall, it was a cheerful and optimistic portrayal of the evolution of spring.

– Tiffany Chang

Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn