Our contributors include people who have worked hands-on in the fashion design field. We present to you our international team of seasoned fashion stylists, merchandisers, designers, models, photographers and artists. We deliver fresh insight and exclusive content on fashion and design related news.

The idea of Modern Glossy represents of the future of media, and merging the artistic appeal of the printed glossy magazine pages. As we move forward into electronic media, this gives a homage to the past while looking forward.

Our Contributers are Tiffany Chang, Alexander Coelho, Maria Giannakakis, Yoko Haraoka, Nari Kim, Jeanie Kwak, Olga Lader, Stevyn Llewellyn, Monica Lo, Stacy Lomman, Greg Madhere, Jenny Mar, Vela Susan Park, Sandra Rosales, Rachel Rozzi, Tziporah Salamon, Lyndsay Skeegan and Nina Zambrano. Detailed biographies of our contributors are listed below.

(In Alphabetical Order)

Tiffany Chang
Tiffany has about three more years until she can claim herself to be a New Yorker. Interested in all things fashion, particularly in the business aspect, she has worked in studios, showrooms, and is currently a temp at Liz Claiborne. She hopes to experience all aspects of the industry, and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to write in fashion. She describes her approach to writing similar to how a designer creates – only using words instead of fabric to sculpt and convey. She is prodigiously proud of her closet and regularly abuses her clothing allowance. She can be reached at [email protected].
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Alexander Coelho
A masterful stylist, brilliant wordsmith and lover of fashion based in New York. Find all articles written by Alexander Coelho here

Maria Giannakakis
Maria is born and raised in NYC with a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design from FIT. Fashion, music and art are her passions…and shoes. She has worked in many fields of the industry like apparel design, CAD and graphic design, accessories, modeling, styling, writing and retail (booo retail). She favors brunch over lunch, heels over flats, wine over water, downtown over uptown, change over routine, and a tropical destination over pretty much anything else in the world. Her therapy is Sex and the City. Coco Chanel is her idol and anyone who can make something out of nothing. Marc Jacobs is her Messiah and Karl Lagerfeld is God, duh. She makes a line of accessories called Byme and sells on etsy www.byme.etsy.com. Her blog is www.blogby-me.blogspot.com.
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Yoko Haraoka
Yoko is a talented photographer based in New York who contributes to Modern Glossy and US Frontline. Visit her website here.
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Nari Kim
An effortlessly stylish photographer, writer, and stylist, Nari’s multifaceted talents are a joy to experience. View all of Nari’s photos and articles here. Read Nari’s musings on Hello Kitty, whiskey, fashion and other interests here.

Jeanie Kwak
Jeanie is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. Her background is in creative writing/poetry. She enjoys writing about fashion, trends, music and events. Her blog is brklyngirl.wordpress.com. Find all Jeanie’s articles for Modern Glossy here.

Olga Lader
Fashion Designer and contributing runway photographer.

Stevyn Llewellyn
Stevyn Llewellyn studied fine art and graphic design in Denver. He now lives and works in New York as a graphic designer and photographer. His apparel designs were featured in issues of Seventeen and Teen Vogue. Steve’s photos have been published in the New York Amsterdam News, Plaztik Mag, the Daily Fashion Report, Temptu, and various other publications.
A comprehensive portfolio of his work can be seen here http://www.sirenarts.com
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Monica Lo
Monica is a born and bred Texan but a New Yorker at heart. Interested in graphic design, advertising, fashion runway, and trying strange new foods. She has worked as a food stylist and photographer for SUSHISAMBA, a Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Runway photographer for StyleMeNYC, and a freelance designer on accounts like Pepsi, Southern Comfort, Jack Daniel’s and more. Though she wears many hats, she hopes to immerse herself in the world of culinary delights, become a food writer, and eventually a restaurateur. Monica can be reached at [email protected].
Check out Monica’s blog here: http://www.lobesity.blogspot.com
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Stacy Lomman
Stacy Lomman lives and breathes fashion. After reading the book “Couture” by Caroline Reynolds Milbank at age 14, she soaked up as much information as possible in the small town in Pennsylvania where she grew up. Since graduating 16 years ago from New York’s “Fashion Institute of Technology,” Stacy has been working as a sportswear designer focusing on suitings, sweaters and knits. Stacy is also a contributing writer for the “Lookonline” (the longest running online fashion publication — since 1994), covering fashion shows and events as well as forecasting “The 10 Best Looks” of the season (previously authored by Bernadine Morris).
See more of Stacy’s writing here: http://www.lookonline.com
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Greg Madhere
Contributing photographer. View Greg’s photos for Modern glossy here. Visit Greg’s photography website here.

Jenny Mar
Jenny was born and raised in NYC. She started her career in the finance industry before finding her true calling in fashion.
Having her Bachelor’s degree in marketing and Associate’s degree in merchandising management has led her to be a production manager in the fashion industry. Find all Jenny’s interviews and articles here

Vela Susan Park
Entrepreneur, Published author, Dancer, Model, Fashion blogger, Student, and Gay rights activist. Vela believes in Coco Chanel’s statement that a girl should be two things— Classy and Fabulous. Vela likes to experiment with different ethnic flairs and style. Her general rule of thumb is keeping it simple and sexy with an unexpected twist. She loves to play around with different accessories and make-up as she thinks they give a more complete look and style. A seasoned world traveler, she is motivated to create class wherever she goes. Miss Park’s favorite designers are Kati Stern from Venexiana, Anna Hoffman, Richard Chai, Vera Wang, Karl Lagerfeld, and the eternal Coco Chanel.
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Sandra Rosales
Growing up, Sandra was fascinated and intrigued by cameras. She always had her film camera with her in school, at family events and on the street. It wasn’t until as an adult, after the insistence of many of her friends, which felt she had a good eye and needed to do something more with her talent, that she began pursuing a career in photography.
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Rachel Rozzi
Rachel is an NYC transplant by way of Chicago with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design. She currently works as an Assistant Dress Designer for a major retailing company. She is a self proclaimed “Gym Rat” and speed reader extraordinaire who occasionally enjoys a well deserved Vodka Tonic at the end of each hectic work week. Armed with her degree and minor study in English, she is ready to take on the fashion world in the design room and the press room alike. Rachel is equally at home in the Garment District as she is in the apartment with a glass of good wine and cooking up a pasta storm. She can be reached at [email protected] when she’s not at work, writing, or catching up on some commodious Z’s.
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Tziporah Salamon
Tziporah is a “dresser”, a woman with a distinctive personal style that has inspired, fascinated and delighted the world for decades. An international style icon, Tziporah is muse to many designers, is frequently featured in many fashion publications and is one of Bill Cunningham’s favorite subjects. Tziporah is a stylist and consultant and teaches a course called “The Art of Dressing” wherein she uses her own museum-worthy collection of antiques and key designer pieces to teach the elements of design. She is also a performance/artist with a one-woman show, “The Fabric of My Life”, a sartorial autobiography, which she performs at various venues.
Visit Tziporah Salomon at her website here.

Lyndsay Skeegan
Lyndsay has many years of experience in both the art and fashion industries. After earning her B.A. in Visual Art Studies at the University of Florida, she moved to Manhattan where she currently works and resides. Lyndsay got her start at a top contemporary Art Gallery in New York’s SoHo District and worked for several years as a Merchandiser in the buying office of one of the premier luxury retailers. Currently she is a Merchandise Planner for the Museum of Modern Art’s Retail Division. In addition to covering NY Fashion Week for Modern Glossy, Lyndsay has contributed several full feature articles to DesignRelated.com and designs her own line of jewelry which can be viewed  here.
You can contact her at: [email protected]
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Nina Zambrano
Contributing Photographer. See photos Nina has taken for Modern Glossy here. Visit Nina’s Photography website here.