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Aysha Saeed Pop Up Shop

SBE-POP-SHOPModern Glossy had the pleasure of meeting Aysha Saeed for her Pop-Up Shop on September 12th where she presented her collection at Cielo Club.

Guests enjoyed complimentary cupcakes from Desserts by Tawny Ong while shopping the Aysha Saeed Fall 2009 collection priced between $39 to $149. Shoppers also had the opportunity to model the dress in a sidewalk photo shoot.
Aysha’s targeted clienteles are for the modern women who has a busy life and needs clothing that is functional and can easily go from daytime into evening. She kept this in mind for Fall and added a few couture details—like hand tucking on hemlines on a grey work dress that can easily be worn after work for cocktails. Her styles can be worn today and can be worn for the next year; she doesn’t design disposable clothes.

Her collection consisted of dark fall colors with a splash of bright color. For example: gray mixing in with fuchsia. She targets women ages 25-45. Women who work and work out that have fashion sense. People that enjoy fashion today with sophistication and grace.

Her next project will be at Princeton University campus where she will be a speaker for “Princeton Women in Business” on September 28th. She will also be hosting a fashion show and sit down VIP dinner on October 21st to benefit Operation Smile.
-Jenny Mar
Photos © SBE Photography To see more photos of the event, please click here.

Rebecca Taylor Interview

rebeccaModern Glossy had the privilege to interview Rebecca Taylor on her new mini collection “Mommy and Me” which is currently selling at boutiques nationwide.

What made you start your “Mommy and Me” line?
Now I have two little ladies. I can imagine our clothes on them. Tiny mini-mes running around!

How do the economic woes of the present affect your perception of the cardigans and how well consumers will react to it?
In this economy, consumers are looking for special, unique pieces. I think this mini collection of Mother/Daughter cardigans provides an emotional connection.

This line is obviously different from your edgy, coquettish namesake label, how do you transfer the Rebecca Taylor aesthetic to something more undoubtedly subtle?
The Mommy & Me cardigans are an extension of my collection. They are feminine, modern, and offers the same special details that are on my RTW line, such as a stone closure and a ruffled shoulder.

What would you say your ideal customer for the “Mommy and Me” line is, aside from the role of mom? What kind of Mom?
My ideal customer for the Mommy & Me line is fashion-forward and understands the Rebecca Taylor sensibility. She loves magical details that make each item special.

View images of the collection below.

– Interview by Rachel Em
-Photos and illustration  copyright Rebecca Taylor

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Runway 2009 Part 2

Fashion week’s fall 2009 collections depicted here in part two of a two part video series highlighting each designer’s show finale. Designers featured here are: Miss Sixty, E.Y. Wada, G-Star, Tracy Reese, Phillip Lim, Ports 1961, Anna Sui, Erin Featherston, Terexov, Academy of Art University, Narciso Rodriguez, Yeohlee, William Rast, Charlotte Ronson, and Ilana Sunderland’s presentation. Be sure to read all of our fall 2009 fashion week reviews here.

Filmed by Stevyn Llewellyn for Modern Glossy.

Diesel Fall 2009

dieselmainIs the recession making us all a bit more maudlin and nostalgic? Not that that is a bad thing; looking back is always a good way to reference a feeling one might find relevant now. And looking at Diesel’s Fall 2009 line made me recall just that: my days in Seattle, however post grunge, still lingering in my visual memory: Messy cardigans, torn deconstructed tshirts, combat boots and the I-don’t-care-if-sequins-clash-with-floral attitude is here, but refined.
The collection recalls days of early flapper jazz and the hodge podge cool of grunge. The two work well together. Music is always a good cue: a live jazz quartet scats to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. You think it won’t work. But it does. And the result is a bit of tailored rebelliousness, like equestrians getting wind of punk. The cuts are masculine and give structure to the haphazardly buttoned up cardigans, lace up wing tip ankle booties and daring tights with leather panels. The tights are so much more interesting than ripped denim. It feels reactionary to the ripped tights/denim thing that is happening at the moment.
Other stand outs are the wool and denim harem pants girded by leather garter belts. It rides the line of being straight laced and naughty. I love it and I love how it hangs just so over the softly ballooning pants. The tuxedo jacket is present and it is cinched and jaunty. It gives just enough balance to the pronounced volume of the pants. And will jumpsuits and rompers ever go away? This is on a side note, but there is a bar in Williamsburg where all the waiters serve cocktails and ceviche in industrial style jumpers while you watch artsy movies on 10 foot screens. Industrial chic. It is not going to die soon. They all looked as if they were about to pump gas and then maybe hand you a card to their gallery opening. Not that Diesel is trying to achieve that– or are they? This gives me pause. If they are, they are doing it with just the right amount of discretion to give note and praise. Here we are now, Entertain us.
-Jeanie Kwak
Photos and Video by Stevyn Llewellyn


Dennis Basso

Photo by Stevyn Llewellyn
Photo by Stevyn Llewellyn

Designer Dennis Basso presented his fall 2009 Collection during New York Fashion Week in Bryant park. Basso’s presentation for the season used menswear fabrics in a feminine silhouette. Basso began his career modestly, selling fur pelts from a rented car in the early 80’s. He now has a store in Madison Avenue. In 2007, He launched a ready-to-wear label, which sells faux sable coats, and other garments For QVC. Basso is a subject for controversy, as PETA and other animal rights groups continue to protest his use of real fur on his outerwear.

Video and Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn.

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