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rebeccaModern Glossy had the privilege to interview Rebecca Taylor on her new mini collection “Mommy and Me” which is currently selling at boutiques nationwide.

What made you start your “Mommy and Me” line?
Now I have two little ladies. I can imagine our clothes on them. Tiny mini-mes running around!

How do the economic woes of the present affect your perception of the cardigans and how well consumers will react to it?
In this economy, consumers are looking for special, unique pieces. I think this mini collection of Mother/Daughter cardigans provides an emotional connection.

This line is obviously different from your edgy, coquettish namesake label, how do you transfer the Rebecca Taylor aesthetic to something more undoubtedly subtle?
The Mommy & Me cardigans are an extension of my collection. They are feminine, modern, and offers the same special details that are on my RTW line, such as a stone closure and a ruffled shoulder.

What would you say your ideal customer for the “Mommy and Me” line is, aside from the role of mom? What kind of Mom?
My ideal customer for the Mommy & Me line is fashion-forward and understands the Rebecca Taylor sensibility. She loves magical details that make each item special.

View images of the collection below.

– Interview by Rachel Em
-Photos and illustration  copyright Rebecca Taylor

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