Thuy Fall 2009

ThuyDesigner Thuy Diep offered a refreshing and organic collection for Fall 2009, with emphasis on bold hues and languid lines. Rich teals and peacock greens punched through the pewter and black foundation. Form-fitting dresses and coats were also incorporated, although carrying a sort of effortless detailing seen in the “uneven embellishments” of side drawstring ruching, off-balanced pleats, and asymmetrical zippers and piping.

While the lovely mustard yellow (in silk charmeuse) was the color darling of the line, sparkling metallic tunics, gleaming minnow-y prints, and those charming ruched white gloves added a touch of stylish maturity. The crewnecks and a repeated showing of sleek, belted blazers also create a sensible character.

The presentation “hints of renewal and optimism” in the final looks. A series of beautiful ivory pieces, including a loose-cut blouse tucked into a billowing tulip skirt and the evening trenchcoat with puff sleeves, effused an elegant and light-hearted tone. Equally striking are the sharp geometric graphics against fluttering silk. Fall need not be dark and gloomy after all.

– Tiffany Chang