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Tibi Spring 2010

tibi_titleAn “unabashedly pretty and feminine” siren takes center stage for Tibi’s Spring 2010 collection. Draped bias slip dresses in silk and chiffon layers provided the canvas for this lush presentation. “Great Expectations” opened the show, solid white cascading down the runway with a grand beaded blossom. A strappy, frothy gown sported a suede fleur appliqué down one shoulder. The two-tone ruffled sheath dress takes a bold step forward. This evening, Fern Gully came to life in a plethora of floral and foliage motifs.

Although hues were intense, the overall look is kept very minimalistic- a sleek black silk blazer, graffiti-marked structural pieces and origami laser cut details add a sensible maturity. Designer Amy Smilovic also gives her siren a tough edge with scraps of raw-edged ribbons weaving in and out of knotted buns and sandals with broad straps wrapped thickly around the ankle. The hummingbird motif is the core of the collection, providing a youthful energy, but feeling slightly junior as an all-over print. An abstract lily print, on the other hand, joined the frilly and contemporary together splendidly.

– Tiffany Chang
Photos © Stevyn Llewellyn
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