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William Rast Fall 2009

Photo By Stevyn Llewellyn
Photo By Stevyn Llewellyn

For Fall 2009, we are embracing a “renewed confidence” as well as getting our kicks on Route 66. The creative team at William Rast – label founders Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, along with Marcella and Johan Lindeberg – delivered “New America”, a “dusty” and black & white “biker culture” where the only direction is forward, no maps required.

The collection is grounded in American iconography, with focus on stonewashed denim, fringed leather biker jackets, and the classic white tee, all with a modern twist. Sleek fits, some unusual wide sculpted shoulders, and a huge feather and fur trimmed dress bring a couture element to our favorite pastimes of cross-country road-trips and bunking under the open night sky.

Men and women share the same attitude. Re-crafted blazers feature leather lapels and jean pockets. The crisp dress shirt is “re-energized” with black fringe tassels while contoured lace patches add a feminine touch to dirty denim. The stripes-and-no-stars graphic shown on grey tees is wonderfully vintage, especially when paired with flannel plaids and chrome grommet details. The collection also includes sleek vests, leather pants, and black skinny and acid wash jeans. Heavy ankle boots with stud detail (and even more fringe) completed each look.

– Tiffany Chang