RAD by Rad Hourani Pre-Spring 2010

rad houraniRad Hourani deems himself as an anti-conformist, a designer that doesn’t follow trends, yet the pieces he creates are at once current and sophisticated. In studying his past collections (he launched his label in 2007), Hourani indeed emphasizes a no-background, no-formatting approach – there is a consistent look across each successive season. Male and female models continue to blur boundaries with his androgynous attitude. Last evening, he presented at the Soho Grand Hotel.

Hourani layers colors and textures in an easy manner, yet the thoughtful details say otherwise. Rips on denim are actually neat slits that can be zippered up. Loosely draped blazers have fitted sleeves that can be pushed up to reveal a tattoo, or drawn down to cover bitten fingernails. Finished hems on loose shorts and skirts offer clean cuts to fluid silhouettes. Leather bags and clutches are the final touch, soft shapes that complement rigid limbs and stiff poses.

The collection can stand out for its structural appeal yet easily blend in to the crowd. It is relevant with a lot of substance, but at the same time the graphic prints and deconstructed tees also convey a youthful recklessness. Colors are mostly muted, save for a dazzling red jacket. All looks were accompanied with the usual sleek hair and polished ankle boots.

– Tiffany Chang

Photos and Video By Stevyn Llewellyn © 2009


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