Ports 1961 Pre-Spring 2010 Preview

Photos Provided by Ports 1961
Photos Provided by Ports 1961

The Ports 1961 Pre-Spring 2010 Preview was held on the top floor of the newly constructed, bi-level Ports boutique in the Meat Packing District of Lower Manhattan. The collection, composed of a simple, inviting palette of mauve, black, white, silver, and nude was a continuation of the colors presented in the spring runway show, albeit with a much softer approach. The garments were imbued with a strong early 1900s vibe evidenced in the draped backs and dropped waists of several dresses. Feminine and demure, hardly a single hemline fell above the knee.
Metallic fabrics and sequins embellished many of the garments. Crocheted shawls, necklaces and elbow length gloves were paired with the outfits. The results of the artistic collaboration between Charles Mackintosh and Margaret MacDonald, such as the Mackintosh ladder-back chairs, provided inspiration to Tia Cibani. This influence was readily apparent in the clean lines and simple silhouettes of her resort collection.
-Lyndsay Skeegan
Photos provided by Ports 1961