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Ports 1961 Fall 2011 Preview

Fiona Cibani’s gorgeous new line is filled with worldly rich hues, and luxurious draping which heralds a more refined age of yesterday. The fall collection includes long siren gowns, sophisticated dresses, earthy knits, and creamy asymmetrical blouses. The film entitled Craeft , about Ports 1961 came out in the summer, featuring sister and then-designer Tia Cibani creating the collection which you can watch here.
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Ports 1961 Spring 2011

Ports 1961 Spring 2011 collection was somewhat of a debut, with sister Fiona taking over the creative reigns from Tia.  Drawing her inspiration from the 19th century Northern African desert travels of Isabelle Eberhardt, she brought together the contrasting elements of such a terrain.  “The sensuous curves of sand dunes” expressed through fluid draping came together with the “angularity of rock” manifested in the tailored silhouettes.  The colors were various sun drenched neutrals, off-set with an oasis of jewel tone brights like emerald, amethyst and sapphire.  There was also an assortment of texture and fabrics, silk, cotton, linen, knits and suede.  The collection was mostly contemporary separates, but also included some evening wear adorned with crystals and embellishments.
—Maria Giannakakis
Photos and Video By Stevyn Llewellyn
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Craeft: The Ports 1961 Film

Chic.tv and filmmaker Rami Rinot Present their New York fashion week documentary on designer Tia Cibani and the label Ports 1961.

Ports 1961 Resort Preview

Images provided by Ports 1961 © 2010-11

Tia Cibani, the creative powerhouse behind the Ports 1961 label brings Modern Glossy a preview of her spring 2011 collection. Heavy use of black and white, with electric hues dominate the line. Inspired by Patti Smith, the clothing exuded feeling of individualism, glamor and rock and roll. The silhouettes were structural yet wearable. Cibani plays with extremes in fashion, and always can channel inspiration into something unique, practical and special for the modern woman she celebrates.