La Mode De France. Lingerie, Swim, and Sleepwear Show at M2 Ultralounge.

lamode3French wine, lingerie and red velvet curtains.

The mixture screams boudoir, but the La Mode De France Lingerie and Swimwear fashion show left a lot to be desired in the ways of seductive chimera. The show was held in the M2 Ultralounge in Meatpacking on Monday, August 3rd. As the crowd made their way past the multi themed rooms in the club they stopped in the main room where the DJ was spinning mixes more suited to the Friday night dance scene. The guests, obviously weary from their day long excursions to MODA gripped their stemless flutes and chatted amongst work circles.

Once the show started, the crowd thickened with Y chromosomes who hadn’t appeared so en masse a few moments prior. The DJ even began the music with a clichéd “Ladies and Gentlemen” canned-type announcement. Really, DJ?

Once the show started, the validity that there was an actual fashion event being held began to come into realization.

Oh yes, we all did come here for a fashion related purpose after all.

It was all glamour, fun, and sophistication as opposed to what could have gone horribly wrong (think barely dressed girls in a club dancing on the stage). Bright red lips and sausage curl updos brought on a Pin-Up era charge, even as the show moved more into a bright retro feel. The gangster feel of nude chiffon with black satin stripes and hose evoked a one part burlesque dancer, one part gangster girlfriend attitude. Cutout booties in nude suede modernized the old-timey prints and color schemes. Woven and felted fedoras, oversize silk flowers, and sequined top hats adorned aqua netted tresses while tone on tone black lace and charmeuse liquefied on model curves. Precious monochromatic babydoll chemises paired with bow topped over-the-elbow gloves in matching shades made cute (and wearable!) sets.lamodedefrance

Although the themes ranged from “So Chic”, “So Fun”, and “So Seductive”, the show weaved back and forth from sweet romantic nudes and ivories, borderline dominatrix black and blood red, and fun sherbet-y saturated colors. Most of the collections presented a very European (dare we say French?) feeling, detailed and deliberate and very put together. The swimwear brought on a tropical jewel toned aspect complete with solid and printed matching sarongs and a multitude of vintage silhouettes, waistline height exempt as the peak of waistbands were at high hip level.

For the most part, the show was a success. No-fuss decor, simply synchronized and a clear cut vision made sure that the lingerie, sleepwear ,and swimwear was easy to understand and saleable. The only aspect lacking was the complete pull of the illusion necessary to put on a superb lingerie show. Bring on the fantasy, we need it now more than ever.

More of that wine might help though.

-Rachel Em

Photos and Video By Stevyn Llewellyn

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  1. Superb…very lovely, very lovely indeed. All around, great job. I’m looking forward to seeing more. This show boils it all down to the very essence of simple, sexy fashion that can be experienced on so many different levels.


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