Vicente Villarin Spring 2009

Vicente Villarin made its debut runway presentation today at the House of Bumble. For Spring 2009, Designer Joanne Cordero Reyes offered a collection of ethereal dresses, aptly named “Light Against Sky”.

It was a cool combination of chiffon and rock as undulating ruffles and pleats carried its own beat. Cathedral elements such as vivid stained glass windows and marble cream pillars were transformed into feminine silhouettes. Reyes looked to bring “pure, modern elegance” by using romantic textures and architectural influences. Linen/cotton jackets featuring charming shoulder details brought flying buttresses to mind while statuesque forms illuminated an airy and soft serenity. My favorite was a gown with appliqué made to look like rose glass shards sprinkling over the landscape of the fabric. Details were not to be overlooked, with silver zippers and gold accented shoes as finishing touches.

I am truly excited to discover another contemporary Asian designer. Reyes is Filipino American and takes her greatest inspiration from her grandfather, Vicente Villarin Cordero, who was a composer. Reyes’ highly flirty, but incredibly sophisticated line is definitely something to include in your closet and look out for on red carpets!

– Tiffany Chang