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Yumeng Weng Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Runway

07a_Yuming_Weng 09a_Yuming_Weng 10a_Yuming_Weng 11b_Yuming_Weng 12b_Yuming_Weng 13b_Yuming_Weng 14b_Yuming_Weng

Lightweight grey wools and soft sandy coat dresses appeared in the collection of Yuming Weng. With such a minimal outline, Yuming used the influence of painter Henrietta Harris’ paintings, which, if you do a quick Google search, shows portraits with a watery distortion, or the bad reception of a tv screen. She mimics that distorted movement as a small repeating pattern.

From the press release:

Yuming Weng was born and raised in the Xiamen province of China, and earned an undergraduate degree in International Accounting and Management from Jimen University. She worked as a design intern at the Xiamen Huarong Company in China before coming to Academy of Art University to pursue her M.F.A.
Degree in Fashion Design. Weng was inspired by Henrietta Harris’ soft, distorted portraits.

Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Runway Show Video

Featuring designers Amanda Nervig, Yuming Weng, Teresa Field, James Thai, Leah Aripotch, Heather Marie Scholl, Chenxi Li, Heather McDonald, and Qian Xie.

Learn more about the Academy of Art University’s fashion program here.

Heather Marie Scholl Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Runway

22a_Heather_Scholl 23a_Heather_Scholl 24a_Heather_Scholl 25a_Heather_Scholl 26a_Heather_Scholl 27a_Heather_Scholl 27b_Heather_Scholl

Heather Marie Scholl explored the nature of gender, race and sexuality and the role it plays in fashion which, for all its political points, makes for interesting design. How can a designer visually express a conceptual idea, one that is at dual odds with itself (pain & glamour)? We see a collection that is bright and clever with a look that seems to borrow from the 80’s, the kind of hard cheerfulness that can mark a decade. The collection works to make the viewer ask questions and seek answers which reminds us that fashion is indeed art.


From the press release:

Heather Marie Scholl was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She attended Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington where she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Race, Gender, and Sexuality. Scholl earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in Fashion and Knitwear Design from Academy of Art
University, and her Fall 2013 collection brings together her seemingly separate fields of study. Through her garments, she sought to explore the often sexually obsessed nature of queer culture, and the duality of pain and glamour that can come with it. She constructed her collection from wool, cotton and wool knit, and
embellished pieces with glass beads.

Photos by Randy Brooke/Getty

Chenxi Li Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Runway

28a_Chenxi_Li 29b_Chenxi_Li 30b_Chenxi_Li 31b_Chenxi_Li 32b_Chenxi_Li 33b_Chenxi_Li 34b_Chenxi_Li

Give me a lush fur cape in midnight blue and a jaunty leather cap (can I get my hands on that?!) and I would be happy. Designer Chenxi Li revisits fashion from the 1950’s with a nod to sailors and their happy dames with a dash of old world glamour. In an unexpected twist, her thick, knitted sweaters were inspired by traditional Chinese armor.

From the press release:

Chenxi Li is from Zhengzhou City in the Henan Province of China, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation from the Nanjing Arts Institute before coming to Academy of Art University to pursue her graduate degree in Fashion Design. Li’s Fall 2013 collection takes inspiration from fashion of the 1950s,
featuring exaggerated silhouettes and voluminous shoulders and sleeves, while her knitwear pieces were modeled after traditional Chinese armor. Her collection features several types of wool, cashmere knits, and rabbit fur.

Photos by Randy Brooke/Getty

Janine M. Villa, Amanda Nervig Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Runway

01a_JanineVilla_AmaA 02a_JanineVilla_Ama9C 02c_JanineVilla_AmaA1 03b_JanineVilla_Ama_A5 04b_JanineVilla_Ama_AB 05b_JanineVilla_Ama_B0 06a_JanineVilla_AmaB4 06b_JanineVilla_Ama_B6

Prints! Prints! We love prints. Especially if they’re mixed patterns with a Nordic feel. It’s great when you can see a designer having fun with her work, and it looks like designer Janine M. Villa did just that. Her background in graphic design shows and she’s not afraid to mix polka dots with waffle snowflake prints, while still keeping a lady-like, structured silhouette. The chunky knits were the creation of designer Amanda Nervig who collaborated with Janine M. Villa on this collection. Amanda looked to the richness of Welsh blankets to add texture and dimension without the expected bulk. Their meeting of the minds produced a fun, quirky and totally balanced collection


From the press release:

Janine M. Villa hails from Toms River, New Jersey. She attended Boston University, earning her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design with minors in Business and Art History. While earning her Master of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design at Academy of Art University, she also worked as an Apparel Design
Intern at Rebecca Minkoff in New York, and as a Product Development Coordinator at Inspirare in San Francisco. Villa took inspiration from the vintage Welsh blankets she had collected, and built her collection around their rich textures and colors. She kept her silhouettes simple and clean, looking to school uniforms
and tailored men’s wear, and allowed the beauty of the blankets to remain the focus. She collaborated with knitwear designer Amanda Nervig, who designed knit accessories and sweaters for the collection.

Amanda Nervig grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and attended the Kansas City Art Institute, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fiber, before coming to the Academy of Art University to pursue her Master’s Degree in Knitwear Design. She interned with Donna Karan in New York. Taking Villa’s lead, Nervig was inspired by the colors and patterns found in the vintage Welsh blankets, seeking to add depth to the collection as a whole with her chunky knits and unexpected embellishments.

Photos by Randy Brooke/Getty