Yumeng Weng Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Runway

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Lightweight grey wools and soft sandy coat dresses appeared in the collection of Yuming Weng. With such a minimal outline, Yuming used the influence of painter Henrietta Harris’ paintings, which, if you do a quick Google search, shows portraits with a watery distortion, or the bad reception of a tv screen. She mimics that distorted movement as a small repeating pattern.

From the press release:

Yuming Weng was born and raised in the Xiamen province of China, and earned an undergraduate degree in International Accounting and Management from Jimen University. She worked as a design intern at the Xiamen Huarong Company in China before coming to Academy of Art University to pursue her M.F.A.
Degree in Fashion Design. Weng was inspired by Henrietta Harris’ soft, distorted portraits.