Chenxi Li Academy of Art University Fall 2013 Runway

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Give me a lush fur cape in midnight blue and a jaunty leather cap (can I get my hands on that?!) and I would be happy. Designer Chenxi Li revisits fashion from the 1950’s with a nod to sailors and their happy dames with a dash of old world glamour. In an unexpected twist, her thick, knitted sweaters were inspired by traditional Chinese armor.

From the press release:

Chenxi Li is from Zhengzhou City in the Henan Province of China, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation from the Nanjing Arts Institute before coming to Academy of Art University to pursue her graduate degree in Fashion Design. Li’s Fall 2013 collection takes inspiration from fashion of the 1950s,
featuring exaggerated silhouettes and voluminous shoulders and sleeves, while her knitwear pieces were modeled after traditional Chinese armor. Her collection features several types of wool, cashmere knits, and rabbit fur.

Photos by Randy Brooke/Getty