Ports 1961 Spring 2010

ports_1961Last season Tia Cibani went to India for her inspiration; this season the Oriental countries of the east influenced her.  Beautiful draped dresses, satin kimonos, and printed coats comprised her spring collection.  Cibani created innovative silhouettes with her origami-esque pleating and asymmetrical construction.

It is clear that Cibani gives careful consideration to every aspect of her collection.  There is an apparent evolution of her color scheme from season to season (gold lame and bright pinks last fall to mauve and silver for Pre-Spring, and now to even softer tones of pink and gray).  Even the staggered pacing of the models walking the show was unique.  Large intricate accessories such as stingray obi belts and long silk necklaces surrounded by clear vinyl completed the ensembles.

Tia Cibani is an avant-garde designer who keeps one wondering what she will come up with next- always provocative, but never outlandish.  The Ports spring collection with its subtle color scheme, interesting details, and definitive wearability was a definite success.

– Lyndsay Skeegan
Photos by Olga Lader

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