Nicole Gill Lingerie

Nicole Gill Lingerie will soon be releasing their third collection named ‘A Beautiful Sacrifice’. The collection will be released on the company’s official website on the 3rd of September. The new collection will include a variety of lingerie and nightwear pieces, lovely silhouette enhancing corsets and girdles. The corsets in the collection were adapted from Victorian styles to create a unique and vintage garment which differs from those currently on the market.
‘A Beautiful Sacrifice’ collection combines burgundy and black silks with black lace paneling and detailing. The collection draws inspiration from the story ‘Miss Saigon’, with an emphasis on the character of Kim, who sacrifices her own life in order to improve that of her son. The darker materials used within the collection are inspired by that story. In addition, ‘A Beautiful Sacrifice’ contains more daring and risqué shapes and designs than those in previous collections, yet remains true to the designer’s familiar sweet and feminine style.
Nicole states that ‘The Miss Saigon story has always stuck with me, I thought it was the perfect influence for my A/W collection as it is dramatic, yet romantic.
Bleding vintage Vietnamese styling with a contemporary twist, Gill creates notable garments such as a luxurious kimono and briefs with ruffle detailing. Nicole Gill’s stunning and sexy designs blur the line between underwear and outerwear, making them an absolute must have in any woman’s wardrobe.
The Nicole Gill Lingerie company was established by Nicole in 2010. The brand has since then released two collections named ‘Welcome to the Tea Party’ and ‘A Parisian Romance’. All pieces from the company are handmade by Nicole using 100% Silk and are available in sizes 8 – 16, bras 32A – 36D. Nicole Gill Lingerie also offers a bespoke service available on the company’s website. Visit Nicole Gill Lingerie here.