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Ming Xi for 10 Magazine

Ming Xi for 10 Magazine • Photo by Nick Knight

One of our favorite models Ming Xi Graces the cover of 10 Magazine. Photographed in Victoria’s Secret Lingerie by Nick Knight.

Liu Wen for La Perla

Liu Wen in La Perla via Fashion Gone Rogue

The gorgeous Liu Wen in La Perla

Liu Wen in La Perla via Fashion Gone Rogue
Liu Wen in La Perla via Fashion Gone Rogue
Liu Wen in La Perla via designscene.net
Liu Wen i nLa Perla via Fashion Gone Rogue
Liu Wen for La Perla via fashion Gone Rogue


Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe


The summer’s hottest fashions have arrived, and with them comes the chance to upgrade your outfits. While you might not be able to start from scratch, there are a few select pieces you can choose to make the biggest impact on your wardrobe.



A new season means a new excuse to buy yourself some amazing summer shoes. This season’s go-to shoe is the platform sandal. Featured by Metro as one of the must-have shoes for summer, this ’70s-inspired style looks great in black or chestnut brown. The neutral tones make them ideal to pair with a variety of outfits.

Platform Sandal

The same thick heel is also popular for pumps. Continuing the ’70s trend with a modern twist, the pumps are especially eye-catching when they feature geometric patterns.


If you haven’t considered your lingerie as a significant part of your wardrobe, that probably means you’re in for an underwear drawer overhaul. As Adam and Eve states, “It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, but a little lingerie on the outside never hurts!” The right lingerie can make your existing outfits more flattering, comfortable, and help raise your self-esteem. A G-String will eliminate that panty line when wearing your favorite pencil skirt, and the right bustier can help you fill out the top of that tank better than ever.

Adam and Eve Pleasure Pet Halter

Rihanna may inspire you to go braless under your sheer top, but the rest of us can’t really pull it off as an everyday look. If you really want to feel sexy this summer, the secret of some hot lingerie under a boring business suit is sure to boost your confidence. However, you should still take the hot weather into account when choosing some new summer undies. If you plan on wearing them throughout the day, stick to a more breathable bra and panty set. Save the leathers and corsets for those special nights.


The must have for any summer wardrobe is a great summer dress. Of course there are classic summer options that look good on almost any body shape, like a flowing dress with an empire waist or patterned maxi dress, but this summer’s unique styles are too hot to miss out on.

The warm weather has brought with it a stylish wave of high-waisted skirt and crop top look. Putting a spin on the typical summer dress, this look can be completed with two separate skirt/shirt pieces, or as a whole dress with strategic slits cut out from the fabric. It’s designed to show off what is typically the slimmest part of the female body, about one to two inches of the waist and lower ribcage. OK! caught Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon pulling off the look flawlessly while walking the red carpet recently for the Belle premier in London. Best of all, if you decide on the two-piece option, you can interchange the pieces with other pieces, creating multiple outfit options.

Alesha Dixon via OK!

There’s nothing quite like going out on summer night in a new outfit. Maybe you can’t afford an entirely new wardrobe this season, but these hot pieces are sure to help you create some unforgettable looks.

Sophi Reaptress Fall 2014 collection

Sophi Reaptress Pr#31FB5C95 Sophi Reaptress Pr#31FB5C97 Sophi Reaptress Pr#31FB5C98 Sophi Reaptress Pr#31FB5C99

Sophi Reaptress Fall 2014 collection photos by Chang Gao

NaiS Fall 2014 Presentation

nais_#31FB5CB2 nais_#31FB5CB4 nais_31FB5CAF Nais_31FB5CB0 nais_31FB5CB5 Nais_31FB5CB7 naisn_#31FB5CB1

Nai?S Fall 2014 Presentation during Lingerie Fashion Week. Photos by Caroline Alarcón Loor.