Ghassan Yazbeck Fall 2012

From The Press release:  Ghassan Yazbeck is set to be showcasing his clothing for the first time during this upcoming Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week in part with iFashion Network’s sponsored emerging designer showcase. Yazbeck is a New York based designer who is producing all his garments, from conception to completion, in the garment district. Buyers and press, models, and fashion professionals will attend Yazbeck’s official runway show. With the release of his new bold collection, Ghassan Yazbeck is to take women’s fashion to new heights with his one of a kind design. The Ghassan Yazbeck collection offers a cutting edge, while still grasping a very feminine quality. After trying his hands at various careers, Yazbeck finds himself at home in the world of fashion design.

Yazbeck’s clothing offers a structured, sexy, and elegant look for young independent women. Combining colors like blacks, whites, and reds with teal and purple accents, Yazbeck makes sure women who put on his clothing will feel playful while looking sophisticated. The detailed cuts on his clothing suggest maturity, as a wide selection of his dresses and jackets include a popped-up collar, matrix-style. Certain cut-outs catch you off guard as they fit to outline the woman’s body at an intimidating degree. Using fabrics like silk, double knit wool, and wool crepe, Yazbeck not only showcases a great look, but promising quality. Please see below for inclusive editorial images and invitation for fashion week.

“One cannot stop their eyes from seeing beauty, for beauty commends the eye,” expresses Yazbeck. “I am excited about my first official contribution to the fashion world.” As a graduate from McGill University with a chemical engineering degree, he later changed direction to the pharmaceutical industry. Yazbeck, however, openly expresses that his interest in science was directed by the hands of his parents more than his own. He then enrolled in Parsons, leaving behind his former and comfortable life. He graduated with a degree in fashion design and is now on his way to fulfilling his lifelong dream of creating a lifestyle brand.

Along with the accelerating week of fashion, iFashion Week will be simultaneously spotlighting emerging and upcoming designers such as Ghassan Yazbeck.