Doucette Duvall Interview

Image © Doucette Duvall, 2010

Doucette Duvall practices environmental and social responsibility by manufacturing their whole collection in New York City. The designers use pre-existing trim and fabric and ship only in recycled boxes. Each collection also features a “little green dress” to honor their commitment to Mother Earth. Doucette Duvall is distributed in specialty boutiques in the United States and Abroad. Designers Stephanie Doucette and Annabet Duvall formed their clothing line in 2005. As participants in Showroom New York, they are also a part of the cause to save New York’s historic Garment District. Modern Glossy was pleased to have an interview with Stephanie Doucette at Showroom New York. Stephanie shows us key pieces from their collection. Visit them here.

Watch the video filmed by Stevyn Llewellyn below.