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Asia Fashion Exchange 2012 Runway Photos


Asia Fashion Exchange 2012 runway photos provided by image.net. See more coverage here.

Asia Fashion Exhange 2012

Images from the runway shows during Asia Fashion Exchange.

Talented apparel designers from 7 countries make the cut, including Japan, Singapore and South Korea.
Singapore – The 12 aspiring fashion stars who faced off on the runway at Audi Star Creation 2012 have been picked from over 250 submissions for the regional fashion design competition. The most featured this year came from South Korea, which produced four finalists.

Photos provided by Image.net

Lourdinha Noyama Fall 2012 Debut

Lourdinha Noyama Fall 2012 Debut at iFashion week in New York. From the press release: Essentially revolving around evening wear, wedding gowns, and contemporary wear, garments aren’t simply pieces of clothing when witnessing Lourdinha Noyama’s collection, but accessories within themselves. Supplement jewelry to her clothing is evidently unnecessary, as each garment is enough to display on a woman’s body on it’s own. Noyama’s collection the audience with a fabulously sandy discovery. From brown and beige patterned and chiffon dresses to white delicate and laced wedding gowns, each piece, it seemed, came with its own historical background and story. Showcasing a substance of new quality this season, Noyama revealed her collection in all gold.

See images from the collection in the slideshow below.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil, a spring board for various young designers to enter into the fashion scene, featured Lourdinha Noyama as one of Brazil’s most innovative emerging designers, where she showcased her collection. Noyama was also a featured designer in CasaModa Novias, the first ever event in Brazil that focused exclusively on fashion design for brides and grooms. These presentations were warmly credited by the international press and covered by Collezione, Financial Times, and a London based web site named WGSN. She has also been featured in Brazilian magazines Anuario Noivas, Magequim Noiva, and many more.

Lourdinha Noyama’s desire is to present high-fashion that is genuinely and uniquely Brazilian. Her work utilizes traditional raw-materials that is typical of the local handy-work of artisans. The end result is a distinctive embellishment of classic shapes and styles. Continuous and detailed research is performed of the more traditional artisan communities, extrapolating their humble origins to a more complex and refined presentation. Noyama is to elevate an intrinsically Brazilian product to the luxury world stage