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Secret Sherry Society Fashion Show

sssThe Secret Sherry Society held a bacchanalian fashion show in the Altman building on November 13 in partnership with Fashion Fights Poverty to promote different varieties of the wine. The event featured 7 different varietals of sherry and 7 different looks based off the different varietals.

The designs were by StellaBonds that featured bold creative and unique designs. During the fashion show the models carried around a gold box holding a secret and alternated between showing the audience the box and passing it to the next model. At the end of the show, each model held an illustration that were auctioned off to support Fashion Fights Poverty.

The Secret Sherry Society is a members-only club that will directly engage consumers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine retailers, and many others to heighten consumer awareness to the growing popularity of Sherry wines in the U.S.

For more information please visit the below websites:

– Jenny Mar
Photos By Stevyn Llewellyn

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Carlos Campos Fall 2009 Collection

Carlos Campos’ Fall 2009 Collection was held at The Altman Building this year. I was cranky because the show was an hour late to start. But, I had the opportunity to shoot backstage and hang out with the models during their down time. Carlos wooed us with lots of onesies, tailored suits, ruffles, cute lacy stockings, and heavy black eyes. The whole collection was dark and sensual, like Catholic school uniforms gone sexy.

Photos by Monica Lo

Harlan Bel Spring 2009

Harlan BelI very much looked forward to Harlan Bel’s Spring 2009 show after learning that designer Brandy Lunsford draws inspiration from equestrian themes. Lunsford’s collections always feature tailored, functional pieces that convey “cool confidence and carefree beauty”.

There was something very dignified and noble in Lunsford’s presentation. Classic black and white formed the foundation of the collection, especially in the form of leather and silk. Pleasant jewel tones of turquoise, peridot, and amethyst emblazoned the sleek palette.

Crisp, clean pieces were anything but plain when embellished with canvas and suede suspender-like straps, tiered pleats, and sharp cut-outs. The plethora of short shorts, cropped tees, and strapless dresses were youthful and sexy!

I was absolutely fixated at the frizzy, crimped ponytails swinging back and forth – the wrapped black leather added a touch of high class. The ebony platform heels really brought to mind dainty, galloping hooves. The most amusing accessory was the sophisticated, lady-like eyewear.

-Tiffany Chang