Written by Rachel Rozzi, Model: Maria Giannakakis, Photos:  Stevyn Llewellyn
Written by Rachel Rozzi, Model: Maria Giannakakis, Photos: Stevyn Llewellyn

Along a darling row of shops on Mulberry sits Lilith, a beautifully ambianced storefront and space with dark wood accents and a ripple of cranberry wall. The boutique is a veritable treasure trove of unique hand crafted pieces meant for layering while also being statement pieces on all their own. From jewelry, knit vests, mesh basics, leather shoes and much more, the assortment shows a true dedication to the French design team’s vision. Lilly Barreth, head designer, is inspired mainly by Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons (along with other asian designers of the 70’s and 80’s) and designs for the multi-faceted woman.

The Lilith woman doesn’t have one identity, she is inclusive, global, and can be anywhere from her late teens and anywhere above and beyond. She is a mother, a career woman, a wife, and just a woman looking for comfort and style. There is a rarity in such an all encompassing brand, but Lilith successfully defies the separation of ages with clear cut design, simplicity and ease of wear.
The store is free flowing, merchandised easily by fabrication, color, and print. Gorgeous statement pieces mix in with easy to wear and closet integrateable items such as faux fur wrap-around cropped coats and mesh long sleeved tees and leggings, respectively. The key looks are voluminous and provide interesting and fresh silhouettes that play on the creative woman’s mind. The tailoring is excellent and witty providing that the wearer understands the way the garment is meant to be worn or is clever enough to play with it. However, that small quandary can be resolved by the knowledgeable and sure staff’s advisement. While shopping is the literal verb in action at Lilith, the more encompassing emotions are of discovery and true creativity, as the boutique opens up a world devoid of fast trends and fad styling to help the consumer become unique through the art of dressing.


With bi-coastal stores in Manhattan and Berkeley, CA, the Lilith woman can “discover” and use her creativity while traveling to such vacationing destinations, but will have to wait for more sister stores until the boutique opens it’s hopeful doors in Chicago, Boston, and maybe even in Orlando, Florida.
– Rachel Rozzi
Dominique Debroux contributed to this article.
Fast Facts:

  • Lilith is derived from Lily Barreth’s first and last name
  • The name Lilith is also known in Jewish Folklore as Adam’s first wife before Eve, who created equal to him, ran away after seeking equality in their relationship
  • The boutique is 2350 sq. feet of shopping bliss and opened Sept. 30th, 2002
Lilith • 27 Mulberry Street • New York, NY 10012-4126 • Phone:  (212) 925-0080

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