Elisa Palomino Spring 2012

Elisa Palomino • Photo by Christopher Dadey

Elisa Palomino’s latest collection, “A Fairy Dance” once again gave us a thoroughly thought-out, brilliant collection of exquisite feminine clothes.

Flowers were everywhere: bold huge crème roses on a luscious suede black coat; white roses and vines on a gorgeous cut-on-the-bias 30’s black silk gown; black perfect roses on a sheer black tulle flapper dress. From the black we moved on to a stunning red and bordeaux, then to the perfect robin’s nest blue and ending in the prettiest most girlish whites accented with light blue or pink. Adding to the decadence of the embroideries were the magical head pieces that topped each look: a wreath of colorful roses in metal; one gigantic rose in suede or chiffon; a red pagoda with trees made of what looked like pipe cleaners. Pure magic, pure delight!

These were clothes that every woman dreams of – dresses that dazzle, dresses that move, dresses that whisper, “now that’s a woman!”

I was lucky enough not only to see the clothes come down the runway in a dizzying display of beauty but to see the models backstage as they were getting ready. Everywhere I looked, I spotted another nymph as she came out of the makeup room and entered the changing room. It was truly a sight to behold as these fairies descended upon us, delighting us with their sheer perfection.
— Tziporah Salamon

Elisa Palomino • Photo by Christopher Dadey

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