Edition Georges Chakra Spring 2011

Photo by Stevyn Llewellyn

Edition by Georges Chakra Spring/Summer 2011 collection was a celebration of the woman’s body. Luxurious fabrics in neutral tones intermingled with bold colors like vibrant coral, turquoise lagoon and rich violet. There were also some lovely Grecian gowns in charmeuse, chiffon and crepe sheers that sheathed each model ever so elegantly. Two predominant details that enhanced the collection were the crystal beading, which adorned most of the necklines, shoulders and lines, and as well as the satin straps that were found criss-crossed, parallel and in basket woven bodices. Some pieces stood out like a capsule of lame dresses which were executed with masterful draping, particularly a short strapless one with a beaded neckline in liquid bronze that just dripped refined sexiness.
—Maria Gianakakis
Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn

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