Custo Barcelona Spring 2011

Photos By Stevyn Llewellyn

In his trademark style of bright, collage-like prints and varying textures, designer Custo Delmau once again delivered an Ibiza-inspired, ready-to-wear collection for the jet set. This season, we noticed that the colors were a bit muted and softer to the eye, and a surprising neutral nude-colored dress was in the mix. There was a Bohemian feel to the loose belted shifts and the rainbow color spectrum. Batik and tie-dye prints were prevalent and so were fun, feathered minis worn with easy, off the shoulder long tees. Dresses were still fitted and sexy, full of asymmetrical lines and punches of color. It was nice to observe the designer using earthier tones and going a bit softer with his color palette. Pinks were duskier and the blues were more powdery. We like the direction he’s going in.

-Jeanie Kwak

Photos By Stevyn Llewellyn

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