Binetti Spring 2011

Binetti Spring 2011, Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn

Whenever I experience tulle in its fragile, ethereal glory, I enter into a (and I kid you not)  trance-like state of eye-opening rapture. There’s something about this material that elicits a heightened state of pleasure in me when I encounter it.

So, it comes to reason that the reaction I had, as I entered the dark, lit-up presentation Box to view Diego Binetti’s Spring 2011 collection, was one of amazement. There was tulle and it was everywhere, floating lightly off of the models bodies. The first dress, clearly the one they chose to greet the incoming, had a simple, satin bodice  that fell into voluminous clouds of the airy, white material . Embroidered flowers and branches also rested on the gown, lending an earthiness to the ethereal. The rest of the collection was done in beautiful, soft colors of apricot, pale yellows, gold and white. The gowns, while quite stunning, either felt a bit too done in its sequin-ness or just spot on. The flowy, 70’s inspired apricot gown, which was delicately beaded in gold, was easily the most beautiful dress in the room. The gorgeous hue was a bit shy of a blush and it had a wonderful ease that felt luxe without the fuss.  Designer Diego Binetti also proved to us that he can design accessories and adorned the models hands with pearl-encrusted nail rings. Sprouting like flowers off of their fingers, the attention to detail was impressive, the effect quite rich and imaginative.

-Jeanie Kwak