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Shanghai Tang From China With Love Fall 2011 Women’s

Shanghai Tang’s fall 2011 womenswear collection is sophisticated, sexy and refined. The clothing echos the International brand’s Han Dynasty influence, and retrained use of a vibrant color pallate is mixed expertly with darker hues. A more relaxed playfulness can be seen in their knits, and belted brown jacket with modern tailoring is smart and practical. A gorgeous printed violet dress, secured with a laser cut belt, and a mandarin collar epitomize the label, which seeks to revitalize Chinese fashion and establish itself as a distinguished global luxury brand. With over 25 stores in Asia, Europe and the U.S., The label is becoming a distinctive representation of contemporary Chinese Fashion. Visit Shanghai Tang’s website here.
View images from the collection the slideshow below

Images provided by Shangahi Tang

Shanghai Tang From China With Love Fall 2011 Men’s

Shanghai Tang’s Fall 2011 Menswear collection “offers an alternative elegance that is grounded in tradition, and inspired by Oriental culture as a complement to Western style. ” The company was founded in 1994 by David Tang Wing Cheung, with the intention of rejuvenating Chinese Fashion. It is now under the Richemont company. Styled after the Han Chinese clothing, Shanghai Tang is known for it’s use of vivid colors and modern silhouette. Shanghai Tang was called the first “Global Luxury Brand” and the international label has stores in Beijing, Bangkok, Honolulu, Dubai, Kulala Lumpur, London, Miami, Madrid, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. The original flagship store is located in Hong Kong’s Peddler Building. Visit Shanghai Tang’s website here. To see the menswear collection for fall 2011, view the slideshow below.

Images provided by Shanghai Tang.