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Shane & Shawn

Model Mari wearing Shoes by Shane& Shawn, Clothes by Olga Lader, Hair & Makeup by Cari Duprey, Photo by Stevyn Llewellyn, Interview by Jeanie Kwak

If you’re like me, you know that pain is sometimes a necessary evil when squeezing into a pair of beautiful shoes. But look at the leather cut-outs!  Look at the height on that heel, the towering platform, the straps and buckles and tie-ups! We will gladly suffer the pain in order to wear a bit of art on our feet.  As women, we accept this; Centuries of history has us squeezing, zippering and sucking into the vessel of our choice. But after an hour of traversing concrete NYC streets, or a vigorous night of dancing, I often question my own propensity for pain and wonder about the sadist in me that submits my feet to so much misery. I then toss the items of question into a closet, cursing my vanity and swearing I will never walk in them again (or at least until I forget the pain). Twin shoe designers Shane & Shawn think a lot about girls like me and they believe you don’t have to sacrifice your toes in order to look beautiful. We talked to them about their company, their philosophy of comfort and design and where they see themselves in the future.

Twins Shawn and Shane Ward were born in Detroit, and studied in The University of Michigan. The brothers began their careers in the Automotive industry,and were later inspired to become entrepreneurs. After forming a business partnership, they started their own freelance design consultancy agency, SW2Design which became one of the most sought after freelance design consultancies in the footwear industry, designing shoes for AND1, Fila, Puma, Royal Elastics, Adidas, Airwalk and Converse to name a few.

With the success of SW2Design, the twins continued to progress, creating a footwear brand of their own. The line called Shane and Shawn is inspired by the lifestyle of jet setting individuals who demand style with uncompromised fit and function.

fi-fi-blComing from an engineering background, you’ve really utilized your technical skills in a creative way. When you’re designing: what do you think about structurally when you are creating a shoe?
Structurally, it”s about two main objectives. – comfort and fit. how can we make the shoe comfortable underneath the foot and how do we need to design the upper so that it does not create discomfort to the ankles or any other part of the foot .

lauren-bzAre you more faithful to aesthetic form or function? Or does that vary from shoe to shoe?
It is always a balance between the two. One is never more important than the other. It’s just about recognizing that if  you design a beautiful shoe, then it will be picked up off the shelf, but if it isn’t comfortable, it will not be purchased.

NETTIE REWhat do you think makes a beautiful shoe?
The perfect combination of shape, materials, details, and visual excitement creates a beautiful shoe.

nettie-bzThere’s so many architecturally designed footwear on the scene now that look more and more fantasy oriented with different silhouettes and over the top accessories. What is your opinion of that whole trend?
I think the trend is positive, whenever the traditional ways of creating and designing is challenged, it’s a positive. Trends like this push all of us designers to new levels.

SOFIA PUDo you think you will ever branch out to other accessories? I see that you have done pillows and tshirts to benefit charities. Ever thought of a home or bath line?
We are always looking to expand our offerings when the timing is right. You will see the Shane&Shawn brand expand into more categories in the next 2 years.

What kind of woman do you design for? What kind of man?
We design for who we call the boardroom rockstar. The professionals who have an incredible lifestyle and love fashion.

I love how you’ve collaborated with painters to create an “Artist’s Series.” Can you talk a little bit about that experience?

The artist series was born out of our love for the art community and giving back. The ideas was very pure, in that we wanted to create a collection of shoes that showcased the talent of the downtown new art scene while making a difference in the inner city (33% of all sales of artist series god to the art program of nycares).

Any future collaborations?
Yes, we will be making a big announcement in a couple weeks.

What’s next for Shane & Shawn?
We are taking our flagship retail business on the road with a mobile flagship. (See more information Below)

-Interview by Jeanie Kwak

Information about the Mobile Flagship Store:

In one of their most exciting ventures to date, the innovative twins are taking their stylish designs on the road with the Shane&ShawnMobile Flagship Tour. Shawn Ward, President and Co-founder of the brand explains how the idea came about, “We have always loved taking opportunities to meet the supporters of Shane&Shawn and are constantly receiving requests to open stores in other cities of the United States. We felt limited with a fixed location and decided to think outside the box, go beyond the concept du jour of the pop-up store and bring Shane&Shawn to the people in a way that no one has done before. We have created a luxury Mobile Flagship and will take the store on tour across the country. With our strong social media following, we can keep our consumers aware of our every move as we tour the US.” Keeping with their commitment to philanthropy, 10% of all sales during the tour will go toward eliminating violence against women and girls, with donations to V-Day. The twins are excited to announce the first three tour dates on the Shane&Shawn Mobile Flagship Tour:

Sundance Film Festival                Park City, Utah                        January 21st – 31st, 2010
Super Bowl Weekend                     Miami, Fl                                  February 5th – 7th, 2010
Tribeca Film Festival                    New York, NY                           April 21st – May 2nd, 2010

With the launch of their mobile flagship, the brand will be saying farewell to their Nolita location in New York City for the time being. Constant tour updates will be communicated via the SHANE&SHAWN Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as on their website at www.shaneandshawn.com.

Erin Fetherston Spring 2010

Erin Fetherston offered a more subdued collection than last seasons dark, fairy tale-inspired show. This season was inspired by a visit to Japan, influenced by deer and cherry trees. The designer presented muted earth tones mixed with creamy hues, golds, and floral prints. The show concluded with dark cocktail dresses for the sophisticated ladies night out.
Photos by Olga Lader

Betsey Johnson Spring 2010

Betsey Johnson featured her high energy spring 2010 presentation in the Plaza Hotel. A live band playied classic rock songs, while the models on stage wore candy colored hues, printed tops and ruffled skirts. A line that showed care in it’s craft, but never taking itself too seriously.
Photos by Olga Lader

Michael Angel Spring 2010

Michael_TitleFor Spring/Summer 2010, Michael Angel drew his inspirations from many sides.  Strong influential women with personal style like Elsa Schiaparelli, Nancy Cunard and Josephine Baker.  The great Christian Dior and his revolutionary “New Look”, as well as Dior done by Marc Bowen. All these elements fused together created a collection that was fresh yet opulent, playful and sexy. Feminine silhouettes with softly draped silk and plunging backs were balanced with structured jackets echoing men’s suiting.  The color palette was very modern, including neutrals, muted metallics and rich saturated colors.  His signature digital, almost futuristic prints were present throughout the whole collection, down to the printed ankle booties and other shoes created by Manolo Blanik.  Swarovski crystals were used to add a touch of bling in unexpected places, like zippers, along the princes seams and on the backside of long sheer sleeves.  There was also an 80’s vibe with bright chunky earrings and the slicked back ponytails the models wore.  The skirts lengths were micro mini, and sometimes asymmetrical, with volume at the hips and nipped at the waist.  I particularly enjoyed the party dresses that when looked at closely were actually a bustier top paired with a tulip skirt. I especially loved the closing line in his program “THERE IS FUN TO BE HAD THIS SPRING 2010”, it proclaimed. And yes there is! This season is one of the mot busiest with over 100 shows and presentations, and a worldwide celebration for Fashion’s Night Out. For Spring 2010, recovery is what’s hot! Recession?….sooooo last season!
-Maria Giannakakis
Photos © Olga Lader 2009
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Giles Deacon

giles deaconGiles Deacon , one of  London ‘s leading fashion designers, presented selection of his favorite pieces in a series of free catwalk shows in the V&A’s Raphael Gallery in London.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 1992, Giles Deacon worked with Jean Charles de Castelbajac in Paris, at Bottega Venata and with Tom Ford at Gucci in Milan before launching his own label “Giles” in 2004. His debut received instant international acclaim and brought a renewed focus to London fashion.  His shows are now widely recognized as the highlight of London Fashion Week. For the last two years Deacon has been creating a line for hight street fashion shop, New Look, and in 2007 Deacon was awarded “British Designer of the Year”.

Deacon’s clothes mix high level craftsmanship with an imaginative design approach, often referencing pop-culture. His pieces feature dramatic proportions, startling prints and tactile surface finishes which combine to make his collection recognizable.

Giles Deacon said: “I am thrilled to be taking part in fashion in motion, as the V&A is one of the world’s most interesting museums and my personal favorite. I have been visiting it regularly since my teenage years and to see my work there is amazing.”

-Olga Lader