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Lotusgrace: the interviews

LotusgraceModern Glossy brings you an exclusive, two-part interview session with the designers of Lotusgrace. Alexander Coelho interviews design partners Gregg Pellegrini and Eric Sweeney who discuss aspects of their Women’s Wear collection, it’s identity, and the aesthetic process involved in the creation of a Lotusgrace garment. Lotusgrace creates all their apparel here in New York, thereby actively supporting the local Garment District. With an eye for line, silhouette, and modern interpretations of classic feminine shapes, Lotusgrace elegantly dresses the modern woman.

Watch Lotusgrace: the Collection

Watch Lotusgrace: The Interview

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Interviews by Alexander Coelho.
Exclusive Photos and video By Stevyn Llewellyn.
More Photos of the collection below.