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Planet Gear

PlanetGear.com is a private sales site which offers discounts up to 70% off retail on casual apparel, active gear, and travel destinations. They are women owned and operated and love giving back. Each purchase made on their site helps raise money to non-profit organizations for the environment through the 1% for the planet organization.

Planet Gear’s Manifesto:

PlanetGear.com is a private sale site, offering curated limited-time sale events that begin at 9:00AM PT. Membership is free.

Planet Gear believes in the outdoors.
Fresh air. Fresh tracks. Warm sand. Starry skies. Drifting snow. Lazy rivers. The places we go to renew our spirits and find inspiration.

Planet Gear believes in gear.
Warm fleece jackets, stretchy yoga wear, energy bars/beans/drinks, bells for our beach cruisers… the things that bring the spark to our lives outdoors.

Planet Gear believes in exploring.
Inspiring destinations, travel blogs, dreamy landscapes. Experiences that create sweet, unforgettable memories.

Planet Gear believes in giving back.
Clean air, clear water, healthy living. To preserve our world, they donate to grassroots environmental groups through 1% for the Planet.

Planet Gear believes in sharing.
We work with the best brands in the outdoor and active lifestyle communities to get exclusive deals on gear, apparel and travel.

visit Planet Gear online, on Facebook, and Twitter for special sales!

Eco Fashion with Make Love Not Trash

Spring Crossbody Saddle Bag • Available at MakeLoveNotTrash.com

Culver City California based Make Love, Not Trash is an eco-friendly handbag company who promotes reusability while decreasing the footprint of manufacturing over standard practices. Their collection consists of eco-aware, natural, organic or non-toxic printed materials. MLNT also extends their love by donating proceeds to various organizations chosen specifically for their compelling causes.
They believe that having a cause, taking a stand, and making a difference to be more socially aware and environmentally friendly is paramount for their business. We agree.

The Hilbert Project

We had an exclusive interview with designer Schjanna Rydenour from the Hilbert Project.  In the video, Rydenour shows us a few key looks from the fall 2010 collection. The Hilbert Project’s philosophy is to make great clothes in a better way. They support local manufacturing, sustainable practices and fair wages. Even the design studio is powered by electricity from wind and water. The name of the brand is based on the mathematician David Hilbert, who had a list of problems he wanted to solve, and this brand solves the problem of what to wear. The Hilbert Project delivers smart, functional fashion with a conscience. Watch the interview below:

Images provided by The Hilbert Project
Images provided by The Hilbert Project