Shigoto Fashion

shigoto1Shigoto hosted a fashion show on June 10th at Ninja New York-located in Tribeca.

What a great way to showcase Japanese urban wear!

Shigoto Fashion is a Japanese company that features unique and comfortable Japanese apparel. Typical Japanese street wear such as Tabi boots, Tobi pants, T shirts, and Teko wristbands are designed and made in Japan.

The fashion show had samurai-styled models wearing tobi pants (balloon-shaped trousers), t-shirts, tabi shoes (split toed shoes), and decorative wristbands.

Their collection is available for men and women.
Watch an exclusive interview with two of the models in the show below.

For more information or to purchase Shigoto Fashion, please visit their website
Interview by Jenny Mar
Photos and video by Stevyn Llewellyn


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  1. The t-shirt line is a fun and fresh blend of old school japan and modern hipster New York. The women’s pants are free spirited and sexy-cool. It’s about time someone came out with a line like this. Great job Shigoto Fashion! We like your style and look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

    ~Nick Vegas

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