Sachika: Fashion For a Cause

jewelry1Sachika designers To-Nya and To-Tam Ton-Nu hosted a fashion charity event at One in the Meat Packing District on August 20th.
The Designers chose to support the Jack and Jill Foundation which is committed to helping children. Since the twins come from a big family of 6 children they wanted to get involved with youths that can better themselves and head towards a bright future.

Erik A. Cliette, the president of the Jack and Jill Foundation spoke about his organization which helps youths achieve their dreams and become strong leaders in America.

Robert Fernandez, VP of Mobile Matters accepted donations made to the foundation via text messages. Mobile Matters is dedicated to raise awareness for causes and to help children become leaders of tomorrow. Donate with love is their motto. Just text JJF to number 336283.

The fashion show featured 8 different dresses and 1 jumpsuit that is functional to wear in the daytime or nighttime. Sachika’s theme is always “from day to night”. Each dress and one jumper was presented with one model wearing the daytime look and the other wearing the nighttime look.

Sachika demonstrated how their dresses can be accessorized accordingly by introducing their jewelry collection. They were inspired to create bold and sexy pieces to add glam and spice to an outfit . They wanted to come up with jewelry that attract the eyes but yet are easily paired with anything. The Jewelry collection consisted of venetian glass, crystals, fall and fresh water pearls, agate, jade, vintage beads, and black gala glass to create unique pieces.

Sachika ” For The Modern Women” is essentially a fashion label that caters to the busy woman and her lifestyle. Their dresses are simple and versatile as they could be key items in any Modern Woman’s  wardrobe. The same dress can be worn at many different occasions and ultimately from day to night. Accessories are ornaments that can easily dress up or down any style or outfit. It was natural that the next step for the designers was to come up with a line of jewelry.

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-Jenny Mar

Video By Stevyn Llewellyn

See Photos of Sachika’s Jewelry line below.
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  1. Always delightful to see the lovely designs from Sachika. Great colors, excellent usability and simply beautiful. Hats off to the ladies of Sachika once again for a great show!


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