NOMAD By Tess Johnson Available on Kickstarter

Women’s Wear Designer aims for the support of Kickstarter Backers to produce a new line of functional and stylish backpacks, The NOMAD

American fashion designer Tess Johnson, known for designing women’s wear and creating one-of-a-kind runway pieces  through her Tess Johnson Design company is hoping for the support of Kickstarter backers to produce the NOMAD collection. NOMAD is a line of backpacks that are both highly fashionable and multi-functional for students, adults, and working professionals.

Tess Johnson's NOMAD backpacks
Tess Johnson’s NOMAD backpacks


Tess Johnson stepped into the fashion scene in 2012. She was a challenge winner on Lifetime Network’s 24 Hour Catwalk, and debuted her first official S/S 2012 collection later that year at Miami Style Week. Her collections have been featured at Ottawa Fashion Week, Nolcha Shopping Event in London, and New York Fashion Week’s NOLCHA. Celebrities ranging from actress Dawn Olivieri to fashion guru Jeannie Mai, and rocker Saffron from Republica have been spotted wearing pieces from her collections. Tess Johnson has also been featured in top fashion publications such as  Lucky, Elle, InStyle, British GQ and U.K.’s Vogue.

Emerging for the first time into the handbags/accessories realm of the fashion world, Tess Johnson is back in the scene with a new line of unisex backpacks and pouches, NOMAD by Tess Johnson. “I have been making women’s wear for years and creating one-of-a-kind runway pieces, but I wanted to transition into something that is accessible to everyone.” says Tess Johnson of her new venture.  The NOMAD backpacks feature zippers, pockets and snaps, all designed to create ease for the wearer and give them quick access to the important things they carry like phones, laptops, and subway cards. All NOMAD backpacks are custom lined with the signature “NOMAD Map Print” and are available in Classic (all black), Classic with pink, Grey with yellow, Maps with yellow, Blue with sky blue, and Purple with brown.

NOMAD by Tess Johnson offers function, style, and an affordable backpack all year round. However, the bigger picture is what the line will do for underprivileged children yearly who may not be able to afford a quality backpack and school supplies. Through Kickstarter’s support, this is just step one in the production and development of a great new backpack line and beyond.

Tess Johnson hopes to secure 1,000 backpacks through her Kickstarter campaign, which will be live September 2, 2014-November 1, 2014. Regularly priced at $89 USD, NOMAD backpacks will be $59 and $69, exclusively for the first few hundred backers who make a pledge. Additional  pledges offer original sketches and personal thank you notes from Tess Johnson herself. To support the NOMAD by Tess Johnson Kickstarter campaign, please visit

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