Mimkho Fall 2010

Photo By Sandra Rosales
Russian born designer Olyia Mimkho’s debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week paid homage to her family and her heritage. Solemn faced models with bright orange crimson lipstick marched slowly down the runway to bared down remixes of Russian folk songs. Rich tapestry-like prints were shaped into bohemian peasant-costume dresses, creating a fusion of Imperial Russia and simple country life. Influences from the military and the Communist Era showed up in high waisted jodhpurs and long sleeved tunics in earthy autumn colors. Olyia’s talent in knitwear and her awareness of body conscious lines was evident in a beautifully draped gold dress with a bare back. Folded layer side pockets, seen on some of the pants and skirts, were surprisingly flattering. Mimkho managed to blend the sometimes harsh elements of history and struggle to produce a proud and cultural collection.
—Nari Kim

Photos by Nari Kim and Sandra Rosales
Visit Mimkho’s website here.

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