Holiday Wishes: Peace and Love Sixties Style at Barney’s

On Sunday Barney’s unveiled their very Hippie Holiday windows! The thoroughly exuberant displays celebrate the era of PEACE and LOVE. Not ironically this year marks the anniversary of the PEACE sign, which prevailed as the window’s ornamental motif. This year creative director, Simon Doonan conjured up all the hallmarks of an era were carefree abandonment and counter culture inroads were the groove. It goes without saying that hippies didn’t have the resources or the interest in the mode du jour but this generation of free spirits revolutionized fashion and that is certainly something the fashion inclined can celebrate.

Maestro Doonan called upon some of Barney’s favorite vendor to conjure up looks that feature the peace sign. Looks from Marni, Margiela, Lanvin, and Phillip Lim, to name a few, mingle with other sixties iconography like guitars, album covers, and album covers. And how can we reminisce on a fashion movement without paying tribute to the players of the time – and so it was most fitting that windows featured the iconoclasts and visionaries like Marsha Hunt, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell. Also making a shinning addition to the mix was a Volkswagen Beetle adorned with the peace signs, doves and groovy scribbles designed by John-Paul Philippe. Perhaps the most poignant display featured the rendition of the peace sign created by the students of East Harlem. (All the work is available for purchase with a portion of sales going to charity).

The sublime windows captured all the sepia toned splendor of a time very much like today – where is face of adversity a revolution of LOVE and PEACE emerged and flourished. Now that is a notion that is worth taking to heart this holiday season. So spread a little PEACE and LOVE.