Elisa Palomino Fall 2010

Photo by Stevyn Llewellyn

The infamous Marquis De Sade once said, “The pleasure of the senses is always regulated in accordance with the imagination. Man can aspire to felicity only by serving all the whims of his imagination.” This quote feels apt when looking at the creations of Elisa Palomino. You can feel the workings of a rich and thoughtful imagination at play; indeed just looking at her inspiration boards of jazz age flapper girls and Japanese geishas, you get the sense that referring to the past is not merely a look back, but a translation, an imagined interpretation of what she finds most alluring. Palomino’s collection is rich in silks, embroidery and beading. Playful quirks such as the clustered, tiny flower shift dress feel both fantastic and deeply romantic. It is the kind of boudoir that blooms with flushed rosy hues, rose talc, shingled hair and stockings. For her debut fall collection, models appeared with streaks of pink along their cheekbones, hair in a nebulous bun and larger than life flowers nestled in their hair. Performer Shien Lee trilled in the background, setting the tone for far off places. Her puffer jackets are surprising– cut in velvet opera cape shapes–and they hug the form like a luxe shawl. And listening to her speak, you sense the otherworldly at play, which she fully embraces. It is something that the fashion world needs a bit more of– forget basics and practicality. It is wonderful to succumb to a vision. And wouldn’t it be lovely, to have a little bit of the imaginative world in your closet?

— Jeanie Kwak

Visit Elisa Palomino’s website here.

View the video of the event below.

Exclusive interview with Elisa Palomino below, discussing her inspiration for her fall 2010 collection, the design process, and gives details about each garment featured in the show.

Images and videos by Stevyn Llewellyn