Custo Barcelona Fall 2010

The designer’s “Hairy Metal” theme left this reviewer scratching her head a bit. As in Dokken or Whitesnake?  It turns out that the “hairy” bit is really different types of shaggy fur (lining in a zig zag pattern across a wool coat, for example, or covering the shoulders like a stole). Furs were color-matched to the swirly, psychedelic graphics in the clothing which repeated itself in the men’s suits, bright leggings and short minis.  The “Metal” theme refers to minerals of the earth,  by utilizing colors of of bronze, steel, black gold and rust as well as aquatic colors of blues and mauve. The designer then turned the metallic volume up in a silvery, sequinned, belted coat, that despite it’s intimidating material, looked shapely and wearable. It felt a bit primordial, wild and pre-historic mixed in with a good helping of 70’s disco.
—Jeanie Kwak
Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn