Thuy Fall 2010

I love Fall clothing, but they tend to lack the vibrancy and color prevalent on the Spring runways. Although neutrals are big this Fall/Winter 2010, I was pleased to see rich jewel tones and bright prints in Thuy’s show. And speaking of jewels, the collaboration with Swarovski produced unique pieces like a gold shift dress armor plated with bronze and metallic pyramids, and a swingy grey wool dress with a cleverly designed paisley-style print detailed entirely out of crystals.
The show was full of eye-candy: glittering bronzes, sparkling fuchsias, even a black and white dalmation print. Light fabrics and strategic layering created a beautiful fluidity while maintaining an extremely ladylike shape. Some of the detailing around the waistline reminded me of a modern version of a kimono, but by keeping the layers airy and the folds structured, there was no sense of bulkiness. I was mesmerised by a red and black patterned dress with angel wing like draping along the arms. One can’t help but exude a natural grace when enveloped a dress like that.
The image of a Thuy woman radiates confidence, independence, and charisma, with a flash of exuberance. I can’t wait for Fall!
—Nari Kim
Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn
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