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Twinkle by Wenlan Spring 2010

Twinkle_TitleTwinkle by Wenlan showed a dramatic, moving gallery for Spring 2010, incorporating Yoko Ono’s independent spirit with Blondie’s incredible spunk. Signature prints draw me back to the days of studio art lessons, from scrambled Peeled Paint, dreamy Oil and Water swirls and splotches, to razor-sharp graphics in Paradise Etched.

Raw emotions are conveyed with intense pop art hues of coral red and glam hot pink – perfect in all-over solid statement pieces – while subtle yellow blots and watery blue fill the spaces in between. Black & white is still a hit whether in the form of loose fine gauge viscose cardigans or cool silk tucked into cuffed shorts.

The collection’s soft and hard elements make for a “colorful conversation”. Fluid lines and a sweet attitude played well with the “mash up” of acid wash, chunky choker-style necklaces and loud leggings. Billowy tops flow over sleek patterned skinny pants and “thunderbolts” of cutting edge neon charms outline smooth contours in bubble dresses, ruffles and open, exaggerated sleeves. BIG unruly hair, parted sharply down the middle, topped off each look.

– Tiffany Chang
Photos © Sandra Rosales 2009
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Twinkle by Wenlan Fall 2009

Wenlan Chia delivered a “timeless chic” experience in her Fall 2009 presentation at the Classic Car Club. From the trendy West Village location to the brilliant refreshments (an old-fashioned popcorn stand and glass Coke bottles wooed the crowds), Twinkle’s fall collection enthuses a “fusion of memory lane and runway” with special tribute to Audrey Hepburn, a gal whose life radiated incredible style and purpose.

A quick runway presentation was given before guests got to mingle and examine closer the gorgeous frocks and equally stunning five vintage cars on display. Twinkle’s signature chunky sweaters this season call for oversized comfort – a wool grey reversible sweater features a slimmer body rising up into a double-stranded, extra large cowl neck. Also innovative is the mossy green, triple threat sweater cape dress and a slew of thickly-knit accessories which may render outerwear unnecessary.

Trim and airy pieces, such as the wool plum trenchcoat and strapless slate dress, and the soft blouses and fine gauge cardigans, balance the collection well. Expect vivid hues this fall, seen in Wenlan’s watercolor-spotted and edgy floral prints of citrus yellow and magenta.

As the girls leaned candidly against the Triumph TR6 (this beauty was the same shade as their coral red lips!) or the cobalt blue Ferrari GT4, one couldn’t help but picture a feisty English Rose darting over the crooked cobblestones of a city plaza, a “rebellious socialite” eager for some diversion and adventure come fall.

– Tiffany Chang

Twinkle By Wenlan Spring 2009

Twinkle by Wenlan
Twinkle by Wenlan

Twinkle by Wenlan’s Spring 2009 collection takes inspiration from 1960s iconic actress Jean Seberg. Indeed, designer Wenlan Chia infused old Hollywood glamour in a whimsical and ultra-feminine interpretation of Seberg’s “school girl charm”.

There were vintage-inspired prints galore, including splattered, sugared diamonds, cross-stitch sparrow and blossom motifs, and even an animal print suggestive of a spotted Dalmatian coat. Creamy hues of terracotta, lemon yellow, and mint green brought an upbeat, bohemian highlight. Bouncy georgette, satin chiffon, and dry voile layered sweetly over classic, masculine textures of houndstooth and oxford.

Suits were trimmed down to double-breasted strapless dresses and pleated bustiers. Wide belts cinched the look together. A structured, beehive-style updo and stacks of fabric-covered bangles added an alluring touch to the free-spirited collection.

Always noteworthy is Twinkle’s signature knitwear, which took a daintier approach this season. Cotton/cashmere loosely draped, racerback halters and dolman-sleeved sweater dresses provided a luxurious feel to the trim silhouettes.

– Tiffany Chang
photos © Dan Lucca