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Emperors New Clothes

Tee shirts, more so than any other clothing, provide wearers the perfect canvas for self expression.  Emperors New Clothes (ENC) fans seem to agree.  From celebrities to supermodels, politicos to socialites, ENC can be found on the backs of tastemakers worldwide.  ENC taps into the psyche of today’s youth and provides them a cool means to say it like it is!  ENC…fun, sexy, outlandish freedom.

It can be found in Macy’s and Urban Outfitters


HOUS is the first fashion brand solely dedicated to fans of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).   Since its’ February 2012 launch, HOUS has been spotted on the world’s most popular DJs and continues to co-sponsor many of the hottest EDM events, concerts, and festivals.  With sharp graphics, on-point language, and Mr. H as its icon, HOUS quenches the thirst of millions worldwide who finally have a brand to call their own.  HOUS…for those who live the music.

It can be found online at http://hous247.com or @Hot Topic nationwide.

Jedidiah Clothing Helps Heal Japan

Humanitarian apparel brand, Jedidiah Clothing, and innovation firm, Bulldog Drummond, announced a collaborative 8-piece T-shirt collection which will benefit World Vision’s efforts in Japan. Each of the 8 T-shirts in the “Help Heal Japan” collection are priced at $20 with $15 of each purchase going directly to World Vision’s Japan Disaster Relief Fund. You can view the collection for men and women here.
To see how World Vision is using the money to help Japan, see here.
Jedidiah clothing said they already raised $1500 through the sale of their t-shirts in 24 hours!—Shop and help Japan during this crisis.