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FashioNXT Portland Day 4

Last night was the night of couture fashions as six world-renowned designers presented their Spring/Summer 2014 looks on the runway. Former Project Runway designer Fabio Costa and partner Rebecca Diele were first up as they presented a clean, cohesive and contemporary collection of leathers, suedes and silks. Their hand-painted fabrics and minimalist design aesthetic showed their true innovative spirit, and set the tone for the other designers. It came to nobody’s surprise that Michael Costello would set out to create top-of-the-line red carpet gowns that were exquisitely detailed. Michael gave a modern and sleek twist to the Victorian bustle dresses, as was expected. The Walter Collection was a little reminisent of a black-tie affair with a number of formal gowns and some very short mini dresses that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Seth Aaron gave an exquisite three-piece collection of overly dramatic, yet beautifully crafted gowns with something that looked liked roses as their head piece. I could only imagine how stunning those three dresses would photograph in a fashion editorial. – From the press release

Walter SS14 Collection 


FashioNXT Portland Day 3

Last night was clearly a crowd favorite as every seat was packed in the venue. Pendleton: The Portland Collection kicked off the night with their casual, versatile and stylish collection of men and women’s wear. It was their first time ever launching a SS14 Collection. The clothes very much portrayed the quintessential American lifestyle as they displayed their “made in America” line of cotton blends, silks and layaway wools. Stephanie D. Couture opened with a gorgeous black cocktail dress and strappy stilettos that actually fit. She played it both naughty and nice, while incorporating leather and lace into her garments. It looks like gladiator shoes are coming back to fashion and Lenzanita proved they could be well suited with itty bitty spandex gym shorts. It definitely made a statement. Her collection took a colorful trip back to the sixties and seventies, as she paired  psychedelic prints with mustard yellow and purple peplum trousers. She mixed things up with her partial leather ties for men and leather dresses with pockets. Michelle Lesniak seemed to hold a fascination with the dead, as she sent out a number of morbid looking models with black hair and painted black lips. Every piece was showtopping and totally memorable. It was the perfect way to cap off a fashion show. – From the Press Release


Michelle Lesniak

FashioNXT Portland Day 2

 Day two of FashioNXT was a powerful night as four fashion designers and six emerging designers presented their innovative SS14 collections. Michael Costello proved to be a crowd favorite as he sent out a number of provacative evening gowns and super mini dresses down the runway. Nevertheless, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a male designer make a woman’s cleavage and derriere look so delicious. YANE MODE’s Work Party Line was another success, as it could be described as elegant daytime wear. Her clothes could easily transition from a day at the office to walking into a five star restaurant or the Four Seasons. She gave the audience sexy metallic minis and classic sequin skirts. Portland fashion designer Amy Sim walked away from the Up/NXT competition as best emerging designer, and after seeing her very sweet, feminine and wearable collection of dresses, the choice seemed perfect. Another favorite from the emerging designers was Bobby Bonaparte from LiFT label. His was without a doubt, uberly innovative, conceptual, and looked like his designs should grace the covers of style magazines such as Dazed and Confused. – From the Press Release

Amy Sim was last night’s Up/NXT winner for best emerging designer.
Becky Ross gives a final look with her model showcasing wearable computing technology. 





LiFT Label