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Sachika Fashion Show and Interview

The Sachika designers To-Tam and To-Nya Ton-Nu presented their collection at the New York Golf Center with the collaboration of the 19th Hole Magazine, associated with TR luxury on May 14th.

Ashley Rossi for Sachika
Model Ashley Rossi

Sachika is for the modern woman on the go.

Sachika in Japanese means: “more wishes, more fortune, and more happiness.”

Their many types of dresses focused on the versatile busy woman that wants to accomplish many things. Sachika dresses can easily be translated from day to evening.

The designers use timeless colors & cuts that won’t go out of style. They want their consumer to shop wisely and to buy key pieces for their wardrobe.

To-Tam and To-Nya chose feminine colors that are classic and neutral. A Sachika dress is the perfect key item to wear at any occasion.

The 19th Hole Magazine is a high end luxury magazine focusing on golf and fashion. They combined forces with Sachika to promote golf and fashion. The event was targeted to a younger clientele. The modern woman is a perfect client for golf. Golf is sexy!

Interview By Jenny Mar

Photos and video by Stevyn Llewellyn

You can purchase their beautiful timeless pieces at www.sachika.com

To see the entire collection in a slideshow, click here

Erin Fetherston Fall 2009

Photo By Stevyn Llewellyn
Photo By Stevyn Llewellyn

Erin Fetherston staged a wildly imaginative presentation named “Tinderbox” for Fall 2009. Her creative cast of “polished” figurines embodied “refined whimsy” and hinted of Corpse Bride meets Waldorf ladies at cotillion. There was definitely a large dose of style and humor that had guests positively beaming in anticipation.

Toy soldiers came to life in a circus showing of the marvelous “teacup skirt” – a tutu concoction of silk-fil jacquard – as well as a sleek jersey catsuit, a pair of black & white striped tights, and silk/tweed separates bedecked with black dots and ruby gingham. A velvet fez stood atop heavily crimped tresses, adding a charming touch to the layers of lace and royal marching jackets and riding coats. Nutcracker-esque elements of giant crystal bows, doll bubble dresses, and trim leather belts had me almost seeing dancing en pointe.

The second half of Fetherston’s presentation was a collage of sweet lavender hues and magnolia blossom prints. Appealing details include smooth, elbow-length gloves and ornamental masks (pinned to the hair). One cannot help but dwell upon painted features on perfect porcelain. Don’t expect to see any chips or cracks here. “Tinderbox” ends on a high note and a sigh of pleasure with an extravagant, flouncy silk tulle and chiffon Queen Doll gown.

– Tiffany Chang