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Return of The King

Chado Raplh Rucci SPring 2009
Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2009

CHADO- He is back and in fighting form- on Friday night Ralph Rucci closed New York Fashion Week with all the fanfare and warm embrace of the returned prodigal son. Rucci is a prodigious talent and while he is often lost in the minutiae of the New York fashion set, his work stands as a testament to his great talent. As the world of haute couture skirts dangerously close to oblivion it is important that we uphold one of our most brilliant haute courtiers.

I must admit that I am partially biased; I have long been a Rucci enthusiast. For Spring ’09 Rucci sent out a strong line up of clothing suitable for every occasion- from smart day wear to gripping evening gowns. The couturier crystallized those hallmark Ruccisms and move them into a more approachable direction. He showed continued mastery over the art of construction.

Chado is a meditation on form, line and structure. Each season many designers attempt to redesign the wheel, but Rucci instead continues an exploration of his signature shapes enlisting new applications and techniques. Bold shoulders seemed particularly new for the designer who is known for a more gentle approach towards the shoulder and décolleté. He used various types of artistic fringe to great affect, inciting riotous applause as models turned on the runway to reveal the insets of fringe. Illusion with geometric cut outs were a strong motif in this season’s line up. The cutouts appeared on a tulle coat over an A-line dress and on a black sheer top paired with slouchy black satin trousers. Other moments of decadent indulgence included the gowns with Rothko inspired paielletes or the slinky floor length sequins skirt with sheer top and matching jacket.

Spring 09 marked a departure for Rucci who seemed to be courting a younger generation of fashion intellectuals. Though at moments the collection showed the wavering uncertainty of a babe horse gaining her sea legs, Rucci has the talent to address a younger audience and his Spring collection suggests the beginning this new courtship. The collection was proliferated with a plethora of coquettish dresses that remain true to the spirit of Chado. Rucci was careful to remain mindful of his faithful followers offering intriguing pant suits with jackets of rounded shoulders with detailing on tulle or crepe. This collection was an exercise in restrains and what I expect will be the blossoming of a new point of view at the house of Chado.

Welcome back Ralph!

A. Coelho

Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn

A Deliriously Jubulant Dose of Youthful Zeal

Miss Sixty Photo by Stevyn Llewellyn
Miss Sixty Photo by Stevyn Llewellyn
Miss Sixty- Fashion shows are always bustling scenes but there are certain shows that seem to bring out a very specific type of fashion enthusiast – the kind who hoots and hollers and waits in line for hours just for a shot at “standing room” seating- Miss Sixty continues to be one those cult like shows.
For Spring 09 the Miss Sixty aficionado can look forward to youthful zeal! Miss Sixty is always a show about peace and love – and well just really fun clothing. Anyone who is familiar at all with fashion knows that if you want fun denim Miss Sixty is the place to go. More and more however, the Miss Sixty collection is addressing all the wardrobe needs of their fashion hungry clientele. The prescription for this coming spring is easy enough: prints, color and denim of course!
Chiffon blouses in colorful prints revisit the peace-lovin’ days of 70’s. Even maxis made an appearance, but how can you go 70’s without them! The collection offered a wide spectrum of separates that can be layered to create a very personal look. Billowy tops in a butterfly print and racerback tanks with various silk screened images rounded out the offerings. All in one jumpsuits and rompers are sure to insurrect a tween frenzy.

The palette ranged from neon brights tempered with white to touches of tan and soft ecru colored denim. And just in case you have overdosed on skin-tight denim the Spring‘09 Miss Sixty collection offers an unexpected antidote: Harmen pants. Yes, Harem pants- in your choice of chiffon, lurex or denim. Believe it or not, I am fairly certain some will make their way from the runway to the streets.

Miss Sixty Runway Show
Miss Sixty Runway Show

A. Coelho