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Wu Di Fall 2012 Preview

Wu Di was born and raised in Shen Yang in the Liao Ning province of China and earned a B.A. in Fashion Design from Shenyang Normal University. After interning at Ya Ya Clothing Ltd and starting her own design studio in China, she came to the Academy of At University to pursue an M.F.A. in Fashion Design.

She was inspired by the work of printmaker Aaron Coleman and his use of geometric shapes. Her collection features angular silhouettes and geometric patterns, which she created using cashmere knits and double-faced wool.

Allegri Fall 2011

Allegri celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with a fall 2011 presentation at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. The courtyard was decorated with black and white umbrellas, and a colorful crowd of attendees. Allegri presented a dramatic retrospective of wool, water repellent jackets, and introduced it’s new foray into knitwear with wraps and twinsets.
Photos by Stevyn Llewellyn