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Mischka Velasco Trunk Show Event 7/24


Vintage Cocktails with Hugo Boss and Harper’s Bazaar

Hugo Boss hosted Harper’s Bazaar Magazine for the launch of the photo-book Vintage Cocktails, published by Assouline Press on Thursday, December 3rd. We arrived to a sequin-clad crowd mingling about the store and sipping cocktails fashioned from the book, such as The Cider House Rules and an unnameable refreshing Cucumber-tequila infused cocktail served in an elegant collins glass. The photo-book revisits the glamour of old-world cocktails such as The Brandy Alexander, The French 75, The Gin Fizz, The Pimm’s Cup, The Dark & Stormy, The Kir Royal, The Sazerac. Photographer Laziz Hamini used the background of the Carlyle Hotel as a backdrop. The book can be previewed and purchased online at www.assouline.com, or in-store at the Plaza Hotel and at Sotheby’s.
-Jeanie Kwak
Photos By Stevyn Llewellyn[svgallery name=”hugo_boss”]