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Stacy Lomman’s Modern World Fall 2012

Stacy Lomman’s Fall 2012 Collection “Modern World”.
The New York based designer describes her newest line: “I’ve always liked certain styles and designers from the 1960’s, but I gravitate toward the edgy, fashion forward creations from such visionaries as Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne and André Courrèges. While they pushed the envelope, at times, in terms of avant-garde, they also focused on clean lines, strong shapes and angles – which is very much in keeping with my design aesthetic.

When I was fifteen, I had a photo of an André Courrèges suit on my wall and I still have this picture today. I can remember being so in love with the graphic quality of the design, the proportion of the pieces, even the photograph made an impression. So, this bone colored suit with black trim became the basis of my Fall 2012 collection.

I wanted to infuse my pieces slightly with a hint of the 1960’s, but I tried to keep them looking fresh and new, like they were meant for 2012, not 1968. That’s why I call the line “modern MOD.” While the use of color blocking and cut outs is very retro, I think I executed these ideas in a new way and I also think that the ultra modern Italian fabrics I used helped to keep things from looking old.”

Watch the video here:

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View images in the slide show below. Photos by Randy Brooke