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Heidi Gardner Spring 2014


Last Tuesday night was the SS14 presentation of New York Based jewelry designer Heidi Gardner. Set in a light, airy space at the Highline loft, the stark white minimalism of the dual rooms became the backdrop of Heidi’s slightly dark and macabre aesthetic. Models in nude jumpsuits entered the room  and stood on tall cubes, gesturing slightly with their hands to showcase her work. At eye-length along the white walls were protruding dummy hands or what looked to be driftwood that held up her creations. We saw: a pair of gold majestic looking seahorses that looked to be like hair pins, startling shark jaw pendants, and a gorgeous pincushion of an anemone ring with the darkest pearl laid on top. Another stunner: a gold sting ray cuff with a sharp tail protruding up the arm. Shark tooth rings made a repeat appearance in what looked to be gold, silver and pewter and shark jaws looked like hunter traps but wrapped in gold, still delicate and hanging from a chain. It looked like sea creatures were on the designer’s mind to represent her Spring/Summer collection. Since her past work seemed preoccupied with skulls and human anatomy, it is interesting to see the designer extend her x-ray vision into other exoskeleton worlds.

– Jeanie Kwak

Photos by Charles Gigante



Julie Brown Summer 2011

Julie Brown presents her bright and fresh Summer 2011 Collection. Colorful dresses and printed tops paired with cut off denim shorts give a woman an effortless summer style perfect for sunny days.

For Julie Brown, designing clothing and handbags was a dream waiting in the wings. “I have been surrounded by fashion and art my entire life,” says Brown, whose creative instincts run in the family. “My mother was an art teacher, my uncle a designer and my grandfather owned a men’s clothing store, so I always wanted to do something with fashion, something creative.”

The collection reflects Julie’s love affair with color and fabric as evident by her vibrant and distinctively designed prints. The classic silhouettes are simple yet sexy employing clean lines and whimsical details. Julie designs her clothes for everyday life to be worn for a simple stroll through the park or to an elegant black tie affair. More recently, Brown has revamped her accessories line that had originally started her Julie Brown Designs. The new accessories match the timeless and vivacious feel of the clothing line. The materials she employs on both the accessories and clothing are striking: Charmeuse, Chiffon, Silk Jersey, and Satin are accented with elaborate beading and luxe details. “My goal is to create beautiful, delicate things that are so pretty that customers will have a hard time deciding what to purchase. They won’t be able to resist buying one for their friend, another for their daughter, and starting a collection of their own.”

“One day I would love to offer people my full vision, so a lifestyle line, including home and mommy and child, is something in my future plans. I also like the idea of opening up a concept shop, a really pretty place where people can escape and get lost in.”

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