Miguel Antoinne Spring 2010

miguel_titleI really like the idea of a man who can breeze into, say, the Plaza hotel with a crisp black blazer, aviators, cropped trousers and a loose tank. This man would look tailored, classic but still modern. And what do we mean when we say modern? Modern as in relevant, a reflection of the times, while still remaining classic. Miguel Antoinne premiered his Spring/Summer 2010 collection at Studio 450, a gorgeous white washed loft, the perfect setting for the show we were about to witness. His inspiration was the sudden beauty one experiences in a thunderstorm, the calm before lightning strikes, the tension and stillness. You can see it in his crisp shirts, you can see how the stormy colors make its way into his pebble washed cotton tanks and woven shirts. Zig-Zag patterns could be found on suits, dark patterns repeating on white linen. The tailoring is sharp and the silhouette is clean, while the shirts seems softer to provide relief. Tailored shorts were high-waisted and dare I say it? Sassy. It’s a wonderful, fresh look. Trousers were smartly cropped (the hem can be manipulated to be shorter or longer) and were worn with shiny patent leather brogues. Tuxedo blazers were reinvented with inset lapels, which were a nice touch. A wonderful, invigorating collection.
-Jeanie Kwak
Photos © Nari Kim
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