Lila Horn Fall 2012

“Our Fall 2012 collection is a modern approach to hand block printed fabric on classic, feminine and comfortable silhouettes. This ancient Indian technique allows us to execute precise graphic prints while also emanating the artistry and intimacy of the human hand. The collection is inspired by the shapes and patterns that contour Indian temples as well as the hues of orchid purple, raspberry and neon blue that many of the women adorn while worshiping within them.”

ABOUT LILA HORN: Lila Horn was inspired by the striking scenery that encompassed Lillian Barry and Helen Millson duringtheir travels to India. Both students at Yale, the women bonded over a mutual love of the rich and intricate textiles adorning the city and its inhabitants, and yearned to assign the aesthetic to a western silhouette. The women embarked on many trips to India, where Barry and Millson navigated through many small villages, captivated by the endless reams of textiles. While touring the National Institute of Design, India, Lillian and Helen met expert textile designer Mala. Mala’s vast understanding of India’s rich textile history married with Lillian and Helen’s innate design sense and sartorial skills conceived the contemporary lifestyle brand, Lila Horn.

The Lila Horn collection boasts an array of richly-colored print dresses and bold separates all tailored in a modern silhouette. The mainstay of the collection focuses on the custom hand block printed fabric – a historical Indian technique incorporating a truly unique handcrafted element to each garment. Each season Lila Horn collaborates with a master Indian artisan to create authentic prints embodying the essence of India while clean, sleek modernized silhouettes.

See more images from the collection in the slide show below.

Photos © Dan Lecca